USDA Organic Certification

Thanks to the support of good folks at NOFA-NJ (Northeast Organic Farming Association) and the educational assistance they provide, your farmer has decided to seek official organic certification from the USDA.

OK, so what does that mean?  Currently here at Flipside Farm CSA, we strictly follow organic growing methods.  This means we focus on achieving healthy soils to grow nutritious food.  No synthetic fertilizers, no GMO crops, no chemical pesticides or herbicides, period.   But we're not quite officially 'organic' yet.  To apply for the certification requires us to 1) begin ample record keeping now, and 2) to maintain organic practices on the land we're transitioning over from conventional agriculture.  We hope to offset the compliance expense by participating in the National Organic Program's cost share program.  That's all great news to me.  I figure that's not toooo much to ask from your local farmer, since we're already compliant.  Plus, you can take it as solid guarantee that we grow the healthiest food on the planet!

Our goal is certification by Spring '17 !!

"We strongly believe that healthy food is grown in healthy, chemical-free, biologically active soil.  Trusting the integrity of the environment, our farm utilizes practices that enhance soil tilth, conserve water usage, minimize carbon emissions, and preserve the ecology of the land."

Have any questions about our growing methods?  Send Farmer Taylor a message.