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Flipside Farm produces healthy, chemical free produce for your family through our CSA: Community Supported Agriculture.  We harvest veggies for your family, every week, from June through October directly from our 93-acre farm in Bedminster, NJ.

We are Certified-Organic by PCO

Check out our pledge to follow chemical-free, ecological growing methods.

Vegetable CSA

Flipside Farm offers a weekly vegetable CSA to its members from June through October.  We are now open in two locations!  Click below for details:

Hoboken CSA

Bowery CSA

Bedminster CSA (on-farm)


Our animals are raised outside on pasture 100% of their lives and supplemented with organic feed and veggie scraps.  Pork will be available for sale in the fall.  And our pasture-raised flock of layer hens will be producing eggs soon!


Work & Volunteer

Are you interested in getting your hands dirty and learning what it takes to grow food?  It takes many hands to help keep a farm up and running.  Apprenticeships & Workshare  opportunities are available!   Contact us for more information on how to get involved!