"We strongly believe that healthy food is grown in healthy, chemical-free, biologically active soil.  Trusting the integrity of the environment, our farm uses practices that enhance soil tilth, conserve water usage, minimize emissions, and preserve the ecology of the land.  Under no circumstance will we compromise the fertility of the land for unnatural gains.  Similarly we value the safety and dignity of our farm workers, whom we treat with professional respect."

What does "Certified-Organic" mean exactly?  Good question!  Each year, our farming systems are 3rd party audited and reviewing by PCO (Pennsylvania Certified Organic) to ensure that we are truly farming according to USDA organic standards.  Here are a couple of main highlights:

+ No prohibited chemicals: We have a zero tolerance policy for chemical herbicides and pesticides.  Instead, we focus on soil fertility, integrated pest management, and OMRI-approved biologicals to keep our crops healthy

+ No synthetic fertilizers: Most conventional fertilizers are derived from fossil fuels.  Ours are a mix of minerals and organic byproducts.  And of course, our best source of fertility is our own home-made compost!

+ Certified-Organic Seed: Conventional seed production is often reliant on a heavy chemical diet.  We support ecological seed producers.

+ Ecological Management: Our farm management plan includes crop rotations, homemade composts, field cover-cropping, livestock pasturing, and pollinator habitats to ensure nutrient-rich crops and a healthy farm ecosystem.



Taylor James is the co-founder and farm manager at Flipside Farm CSA.  Prior to opening the new farm, Taylor assisted at a small livestock farm in West Cornwall, CT with beef cattle, layer hens, pigs, and lambs.  Most recently, Taylor spent three growing seasons down at Fernbrook Farm CSA in Chesterfield, NJ, where as Assistant Farm Manager he worked with his sister Alison to introduce the vegetable CSA to HRCF.  As prior coordinator for local farmer education org. NJ-CRAFT, he strongly believes in the collective power of local, sustainable agriculture!


Flipside Farm strives to provide our community with the highest quality vegetables grown using current and 'organic' methods of agriculture.  We seek additionally to preserve the ecological integrity of the farm environment, to foster a sustainable American culture founded on eating healthy food, and to provide a working education for young farmers.

Taylor James works with his partners Brian & Meredith Lehman to bring vegetables directly to you from Flipside Farm in Bedminster, NJ.



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flipside Farm LLC

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email: taylor@flipsidefarm.com